Jury Box, Inc — Dormant Pending District Attorney's Race

Dear Friends and Supporters of Jury Box,

I wanted to pass along some exciting and life changing news.  As of today, I have resigned my position as a Deputy District Attorney for San Diego County and have made Jury Box, Inc. dormant to take the position of Campaign Manager for Robert Brewer as he seeks the election for San Diego County District Attorney in June 2014.

Because of this effort, we will no longer be able to support Jury Box 3.0.  We will also no longer be licensing future versions of Jury Box 3.0.

This was an incredibly difficult decision to leave my friends and colleagues and move away from Jury Box, Inc., but I believe that Bob Brewer’s leadership is necessary to restore the public’s faith in our Office.  I look forward to helping introduce our community to a candidate of integrity who embodies those traits we seek from the County’s highest law enforcement officer.

If you want to read about Bob’s career of service as a war hero, an incredibly accomplished Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and Assistant United States Attorney, and during his time as a stalwart of the San Diego legal community, I’d encourage you to go to his website:


or follow him on Twitter – @RobertBrewerDA or me for campaign updates @AdamGordonSD

Jury Box has been an amazing part of the last five years of my life.  I have gotten to know many now dear friends, and we have provided an amazing software.

All the best,

Adam Gordon

CEO – Jury Box, Inc.